City Girls’ JT Deactivates Twitter After Blocking Fan With Cancer

JT of the City Girls member has deactivated her account after she allegedly blocked a fan who has cancer.

“Hey JT, sorry to bother u. I know I’ve said this b4, but I’m a fan of urs and I think ur amazing and funny,” the fan’s tweet read. “Seeing u help me keeps my spirits up when I’m in pain. I’m dying and have cancer. You said u would DM me but never did. I still would like [to] FaceTime you for 5 mins if possible. Luv u.”

As JT’s followers told her to comply and Facetime the young fan, JT blocked her because she says she was “was writing under every one of my posts.” 

JT then made a video, explaining why she blocked the fan.


“She was writing under everything, and then I was in the middle of a motherf*cking argument … She was under my sh*t, people was arguing with her, there was too much going on,” JT said. “… I would never say f*ck nobody with f* ckin’ cancer. Get the fuck outta here. And I deactivated Twitter because everything I say and do know, I can’t even be happy in peace.”

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