Chuck D Responds To R. Kelly Backlash

Chuck D caught heat on Twitter after he posted a tweet his followers took as R. Kelly support.

“Abused in his youth… an addict as a adult… Ike Turner served 18 months in prison.. Rick James did similar time. Ike came out a changed positive human being. How long should R Kelly spend in prison -and does a USA system give a man a chance for a man to change his world around?” he tweeted.

Twitter went off on Chuck D, accusing him of supporting an abuser. The Public Enemy took to Twitter to explain that he isn’t an R. Kelly supporter.

“JUST TO BE CLEAR, I’m not the R Kelly fan here. 75 million sold somewhere & I ain’t got 1 of his songs,” he wrote. “And his actions were criminal my apologies if the wings of perception loomed beyond than the words on this slaveApp …” he wrote before adding that he is launching his own social media platform.

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