Christian Actress Meagan Good Goes Viral Over ‘B**TY Eating’ Scene In Her New TV Show

Actress Meagan Good is starring in a really interesting new Amazon Prime show called Harlem. The show is great, and her character is very entertaining.

But ummmm . . . let’s just say that the new role doesn’t quite fit her Christian image.

MTO News watched a few episodes, and the show is VERY s*xual. So much so, that it’s labeled “mature” by Amazon and not recommended for viewing by anyone under 18.

And the explicit scenes on the show and CRAZY. One scene in particular is going viral on social media.

In the scene, Megan’s character is in bed with her boyfriend. And when she goes to give the man or*l relations, the man kicks up his legs and asks her to munch on his b**ty.

Social media got ahold of this clip, and it went viral.

Many on social media are dragging Meagan, and asking her why – as a Christian – she would be a part of a movie this graphic.


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