Chrissy Teigen Allegedly THROWING TANTRUMS After Being Cancelled!!

Last week, TV personality Chrissy Teigen was cancelled, after word came out that she was bullying children over social media. Chrissy even prodded one underage girl to “kill herself.”

Well MTO News has learned that Chrissy is planning a comeback. A popular IG blog is claiming that while Chrissy is upset with being cancelled, she has plans to get back in the public’s good graces.

The blog reported, “The words on the gossip streets are basically saying how she’s freaking out, cursing, saying that people who are trying to bring her down are ugly and haters stuff like that.”


They continued, “she’s screaming at the top of her lungs f bomb type stuff. . . . f*ck this f*ck that! All of these losers just hate me!. Full on tantrums.”

But don’t count John Legend’s wife out just yet. MTO News received a report which stated, “[Chrissy’s] PR team is going to put out a sympathetic story [and say] that [Chrissy] was bullied herself. They are bringing in a crisis team to figure out how to save her career.”

The report continued, “She’s going to come out with another announcement soon trying to get sympathy from the public.”

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