Chrissy Teigen Accused Of Attacking Black Singer: ‘She Actually Put Hands On Me’

Chrissy Teigen is currently in the midst of a backlash from the public, for her past abusive and bullying behavior. Up until now, Chrissy’s abuse was all emotional. But now a Black singer is claiming that Chrissy actually put hands on her, MTO News has learned.

The singer, a Cameroonian singer named Dencia, claims that Chrissy attacked her at the 2016 Grammy Awards, MTO News confirmed.

Denica, 33, – real name Reprudencia Sonkey – has made the claims in an interview with UK News publication, The Sun.

The singer claims, MTO News learned, Chrissy became ‘aggressive over a misunderstanding’ at the music event in Los Angeles, alleging: ‘My assistant at the time took his phone out to record a video of me as I walked the carpet. Chrissy literally yanked his phone out of his hand and said, ‘Don’t record me!”‘

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Denica claims that Chrissy, who was pregnant at the time, was not in the phone’s view and alleges that she did not know who the model was.

The singer then alleges that Chrissy ‘pushed’ her as she arrived on the red carpet and then pushed her again minutes later.

‘She pushed me when I got off the carpet after them! I almost fell flat on my face,’ she claims.


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