Chris Samuels Explains Why He Got So Heated During ‘RHOP’ Reunion

During the third and final part of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion show, Monique’s husband, Chris Samuels, was seen being highly emotional following the rumors on the show that Monique had an affair with her personal trainer.


During a recent interview, Chris explained why he got so worked up:

“To literally make up stuff, run with lies, have scandal… It’s very disappointing,” he explained. “People were really going for the jugular with my family with lies, disgusting things, attacking a child, and it’s so disappointing, and then don’t even have the nerve to stand on their own two feet and apologize…”

Chris says his marriage to Monique is stronger than ever.

“This has strengthened our relationship to a whole other level. There was some times when we were shedding some tears on each other’s shoulders and it forced us to lean on each other too through a tough situation. We didn’t run to everybody else. We dealt with it in house. We knew our truth and we stood by that,” he shared.

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