Chris Rock Hires TOP NYC LAW FIRM . . . Possible Plans To Sue Will Smith & Oscars!!

Comedian Chris Rock may be planning to file a HUGE lawsuit. MTO News has confirmed that yesterday Chris Rock was spotted inside one of the biggest litigation law firms in the country.

One person who works at the firm told MTO News that Chris is a “new client” of the firm. The white shoe law firm that Chris chose to work with, has handled some of the biggest lawsuits in history – including matters involving, Google, The NFL, and Microsoft.

This move could signal that Chris is exploring a potential lawsuit against Will Smith, the Academy Awards, or both.

The law firm insider told MTO News, “Chris was in the office meeting with partners from the litigation team.”

Chris Rock Roasting People

While the insider couldn’t say for certain what Chris discussed with the lawyers, the insider thinks it was a big deal.

The tipster added, “Whatever they were saying, it was big – given the number of lawyers at the meeting.”

Chris Rock was slapped as he presented an award at this years Oscar’s. Since getting slapped, Chris has been mocked across social media for responding in a so-called “weak” manner to Will Smith.

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