Chinese Woman Accuses Reggae Artist Richie Stephens Of Rape: Who Do You Believe?? (Listen)

Veteran recording artiste Richie Stephens has been accused of raping a Chinese woman who was on tour with him, MTO News has learned. The woman, Elaine Lim, made a statement on social media where she described what happened. Richie in response has denied the sexual-abuse accusations made by the Chinese entertainer and entrepreneur, Elaine Lim.

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On Friday, Elaine, who is also a beatboxer, art educator and former soldier in the Singapore Armed Forces, uploaded a video to YouTube where she alleged that she was sexually assaulted by the Jamaican entertainer in 2019.

“This happened in 2019; here we’re at 2021, and I still remember,” said a tearful Lim of the alleged incident.

Here’s her full statement:

In his own YouTube video, Richies said “a thorough investigation was done by the Australian police,” and at the end of that investigation, the claims were found to be “simply baseless”. MTO News could not confirm with the Australian police the findings or details of the case. A request for comment has been sent to Amanda Hill, the police investigator listed on the victim’s copy of the police report shared by Lim via Google Drive.

Here’s Richie Stephens’ Response – who do you believe?:

According to Richie’s attorney, the accuser’s claim is an attempted “character assassination,” but no decision has yet been made to take legal action. “This is a publicity stunt by the lady, so we call it out as that. On the other hand, we are not interested in assassinating her character. Basically, he has responded in hopes that she learns her lesson and to cease and desist. Certainly, if there was something credible, the authorities in Australia would have taken charge of the situation, and Richie would not have been let go,” Townsend said during the interview with local Jamaican press The Gleaner.

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