Chief Keef’s BM Slim Danger Says Lil Durk Paid Her $15K To Have An Abortion

Slim Danger, the baby mama of Chief Keef, has alleged that Lil Durk paid her $15,000 to have an abortion.

“From Chief Keef it went to Waka Flocka,” said Slim to Taska K. “It was DaBaby, Lil Durk…” she says in a video.

 She recently posted a TikTok where she and Celina Powell named men in the music industry with whom they had relationships. Slim Danger she was with Lil Durk, who once got her pregnant but he paid her to terminate the pregnancy. “They pay good money.”

She also said,”They have to pay to have sex with me and other things.”

She even claimed that Tristan Thompson once slid into her DMs.

“This is what he does, he sends hearts in the DMs. I send him a video of me squirting. I gave him my number. He text me. Flew me out. Bam. And that was like, $25K.” She also says though Chief Keef is not involved in their son’s life — he pays his child support on time every month.

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