Chicago Rapper Spyda D Gets Into SHOOTOUT On IG Live!! (Graphic)

Chicago rapper Spyda D got into a shootout yesterday, while recording an Instagram Live video on his block, MTO News has learned.

In the video, which MTO News posted below, Spyda was talking with his fans about the release of his new single. The rapper explained to fans that he planned on releasing new music on Friday.

During the talk, Spyda D bragged about not having to wear a bullet proof vest, and told fans that “he’s good in these streets.”

But before he could finish the video, the rapper saw something he found suspicious. He yelled out to his friends, “Right here” and then gunshots were heard.

Spyda and his friends managed to evade the gunshots – and appeared to pull out their own guns – to defend themselves. Luckily no one was injured however.

Here’s the video:

Chicago is in the midst of one of the worst crime sprees in reported history.  According to the Chicago Police Department, there’s a troubling rise in gun violence this year and it shows little sign of slowing down. The city had five fewer homicides this April than last April, but the number of shooting victims increased to 299 from 225.

So far this year, 997 people have been shot, compared with 718 last year. The city has had 187 homicides — 31 more than during the same period last year.

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