Chicago Rapper Lil Durk Was Charged w/ MURDERING An Innocent Black Woman, 32!

Chicago rapper Lil Durk has a reputation of being involved with Chicago street gangs. And his reputation – at least prior to joining rap – was that Durk was notoriously active in the streets.

Durk is probably the most popular rapper to rise out of the Chicago drill scene.

Well MTO News did a bit of digging into Durk’s history. And back in 2015, the rapper was charged with shooting and killing a 32 year old innocent Black mother Shaneda Lawrence.

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According to police, Shaneda and two of her female friends were talking inside Ryan Harris Park in 2013 – and a shootout broke out nearby. The three women were caught in the crossfire, and each were hit – with Shaneda getting caught in the head, and her two friends getting non-life threatening injuries.

Police had no evidence at the time, but they had shell casings from the murder weapon that they did ballistics analysis on. 

One year later, in 2014, Durk was arrested with a gun that police say matched the murder weapon that .killed Shaneda, and charged Durk with her murder.

Eventually the case was dropped, for lack of evidence tying Durk to the shooting. It’s not clear whether police ever found Shaneda’s killer.

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