Chicago Rapper A-Roy SHOT DEAD On FB Live . . . After Winning Fight w/ 17 Yr Old Boy!!

Rest in peace to the popular Chicago rapper A-Roy – he was gunned down in cold blood yesterday, and the entire incident was captured on Facebook Live, MTO News has learned.

What’s sad about A-Roy’s death, is that it was entirely preventable. A-Roy was shot and killed by a 17 year old boy, who he beat in a fair fight. The teen couldn’t accept losing the fight, and so he SHOT the rapper dead – when he turned his back, MTO News observed.

A woman who lived in the O Block housing projects heard a commotion outside her window, pulled out her phone and started Livestreaming what she saw on Facebook Live.

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The livestream started out showing A-Roy and one of his homies, fighting two teenage boys from the projects. A-Roy and his homie each fought a fair one-on-one fight with a teenager. And A-Roy and his homie BOTH beat up the young men.

After winning the fight A-Roy offered mercy to the defeated teenager – that was a big mistake. After pummeling the young man, the Chicago rapper got off the boy, and turned his back to walk away.

That’s when, MTO News observed, the young man pulled a gun and shot A-Roy nearly a dozen times. The Chi-town rapper was pronounced dead on the scene.

Video of the incident is circulating online, and it is pretty disturbing. Here’s the video – warning it is VERY graphic.


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