Chicago Man Kills GF, Her Mom & Sister; She Refused To Cook Breakfast!

A man that police describe as a Chicago gang member has been arrested and charged with killing his girlfriend, her mother and her sister. Police told MTO News that the alleged gang member went on a rampage after his girlfriend said she would not cook him breakfast.

According to authorities, John Matthews, 25, and his girlfriend, Shonta Harris, had been dating for two years. A few months back, John went berserk after Shonta refused to cook him his morning meal and braid his hair. 

Police claim that Shonta’s refusal pushed John over the edge and he started yelling and punched his beautiful girlfriend in the eye.

Shonta’s grandmother, who was present, managed to defuse the situation and Shonta’s mom and sister – Frances Neal and Jasmine Neal – came to the house to pick up Shonta.

John yelled at them to leave his property refusing to let them inside to get the four-month old baby he and Harris shared. 

As the arguing continued, the alleged gang member pulled a gun from his waistband and shot Frances Neal seven times and his girlfriend once in the chest.

Jasmine Neal then ran into the street, ‘running for her life with her hands up,’ according to prosecutors.

He chased her down and shot her in the head. 


John fled to Iowa after the triple shooting and was only caught after getting into a car accident there in August. He was extradited back to Illinois this week on the murder warrant.

Judge Charles Beach II ordered him held without bail Friday on three counts of first-degree murder and stated ‘his own flesh and blood has identified him as the shooter.’ 

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