Tasha K May Face CRIMINAL Charges After Trial w/ Cardi B . . . Her Husband Allegedly Snitched!

The legal battle between Tasha K and Cardi B is going on right now – as the two ladies are currently in federal court in Atlanta, battling it out, MTO News has learned.

Cardi sued Tasha K after Tasha posted multiple videos allegedly saying that Cardi B had herpes. According to Cardi B, Tasha also implied that her baby may have been infected with the incurable virus as well. Cardi is suing Tasha for $75K in damages, plus MORE in punitive damages.

Tasha K is denying that what she said about Cardi and her daughter was “defamation.”

But Tasha may have a lot more to worry about than just the potential money judgment against her. MTO News has learned that federal agents are sitting in the court room and taking notes. According to one local reporter, he believes that the feds may be preparing to bring CRIMINAL CHARGES over what Tasha did.

So what kind of charges could Tasha be facing? Well, possibly perjury, or lying under oath, for one.

According to one legal onlooker, Tasha may have lied on the stand. According to the observer, Tasha’s husband was called to testify after her. And the husband allegedly said under oath that Tasha lied on the stand. Look:

It is a federal crime to lie on the stand and punishable by law. Now, whether Tasha K actually lied on the stand would still need to be determined by some sort of hearing and like everyone else, should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

In addition to possible perjury though, the same onlooker is suggesting that Tasha K and her family may be under investigation by the feds for laundering. Oh Lord! Look:

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