Chicago Drill Rap Legend Edai Is MURDERED Yesterday!! (Details)

Legendary Chicago Drill rapper Edai was shot and killed on the streets of his hometown, MTO News has learned. According to police, Edai was shot multiple times in the torso, and was rushed to the University of Chicago hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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Edai is one of the originators of the Chicago Drill sound, along with Chief Keef – his homie. But while Keef left Chicago – and the streets – behind, Edai stayed in the hood.

Here are just a few condolences going around social media:

Edai confirmed that he and Chief Keef were active street bangers in song “Remember.”

He raps:

“I was riding in the Rover and I had them 23s, Chief Sosa hit me, he wanted to go to Micky Ds/It was late as f**k at night, think it was like 2 or 3/Baldy Getting off the s—-, drinking all this white Remy/Remember one day in the Wic, I was walking through the Wic/Called lil Baldy, told him bring me out the blic/And he cocked that b***h back, and he hand me off the grip/Then I up that motherf****r, and I let that b***h rip.”

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