Chicago Black Female Cop ARRESTED – Shot Unarmed White Man! (Video)

According to a study, in cases where police shoot unarmed Black suspects the shooting is deemed justified 99% of the time. Well one Black female Chicago police officer is learning that when the unarmed suspect is White – things go very differently.

MTO News confirmed that Melvina Bogard, 32, was arrested after she shot an unarmed man at a busy subway station last year. The officer now faces aggravated battery and official misconduct charges in connection with the shooting.

The Cook County State’s Attorney’s office said in a news release that Melvina turned herself in to investigators on Thursday morning and at an afternoon bond hearing, Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz ordered that she be released on her written promise to appear in court. 

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The shooting happened in February 2020 at a downtown station. Bogard and her partner, Bernard Butler, were pursuing Ariel Roman, a short-order cook who was suspected of violating a city ordinance by walking from one train car to another.

Roman’s attorneys said he was diagnosed with anxiety in 2019, and he moved about the train in an effort to calm his nerves. Roman, now 35, was also carrying a backpack that contained an illegal amount of marijuana, police said at the time.

Here’s video of her shooting the much bigger and aggressive man:

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