Chelsea Handler Says She Was Serious About Sleeping w/ 50 Cent If He Didn’t Vote For Trump

Chelsea Handler has admitted that she was serious about her offer of sex to ex-boyfriend 50 Cent if he did not vote for Donald Trump.

“I spoke to him on the phone and he, because I saw that tweet that he wrote about supporting Donald Trump and I knew… I know 50 obviously, because I slept with him for two months,” she told Naomi Campbell on her podcast. “But I know that he’s not that type of guy. Because he just screws around on social media and he’s not always serious, so I reached out to him.”


She continued: “After it played out publicly for long enough, I said, ‘Please reach out to me, like, please call me. I do want to talk to you about this. I just want to make sure that, you know, whatever, that you are kidding’,” she continued. “‘Like, how could you support this guy? Look what he’s done to people, how much harm he’s caused.’

“Anyway, he said exactly what I thought. So we had a nice conversation the other night for like 20 minutes, 25 minutes, and we talked about it, and you know he asked me if I was serious about promising him sex and I said, ‘Sure, why now? You know, I’m ready to have sex with people.'” 

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