Charlamagne Tha God On Why Black Men Support Trump: He Speaks Directly To Them

People have been surprised about the rappers who have stepped forward to endorse Trump — and Charlamange That God thinks he knows the reason why.

“When it comes to Black people you see who maybe are showing support for Trump, I think it’s because Trump is actually talking to young Black male voters,” Charlamagne said on Fox Business. “He’s directing ads toward them. They are a group that never get courted… Black people don’t get courted either as a whole. But that old Democratic regime speaks to old Black men and they think everybody else in the Black community and Black families are going to fall in line.”

This past week, Ice Cube, 50 Cent and Waka Flocka have all show support for Trump. 50 cited Joe Biden’s plan to tax the rich as the reason.

“It doesn’t change the way that I feel, because unlike 50 Cent, I can’t pick racism and bigotry and fascism. I can’t choose that over my finances. My finances might just have to take a hit. We got to get that fascism out of the White House. I’m not mad at 50, honestly, 50 just said out loud what a lot of people were thinking. When I saw that, I thought that. I didn’t think I would vote for Trump, but I was like, Jesus Christ, I live in New Jersey and work in New York. I’m getting hit in both states.” 

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