Charlamagne Tha God Jokes That Some Rappers Need To ‘Put Down The Mic’

Charlamagne Tha God is making news again, after recommending that certain rappers retire from the game, MTO News has learned.

Recently, many fans, critics, commentators, and artists themselves have openly discussed which rappers should and shouldn’t be pressing forward with their rap careers. 

During one online conversation, Charlamagne Tha God couldn’t help but tease that not everyone should take a stab at rap.

The radio, podcast, and talk show host has sat down with his fair share of artists who all believe that they’re the next billionaire Rap icon in the making. 

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However, Charlamagne thinks some people should consider hanging it up:

On Instagram, he shared a funny post that read: “Just because school isn’t for you doesn’t mean rapping is.” This, of course, plays on the age-old stories that we often hear from successful rappers about how they didn’t particularly care for school and instead focused on their rhymes. It has proven to make many artists superstars, but Charlamagne teased that it isn’t for everyone.

“GOD told me to post this. Someone you love needs these words right now,” Charlamagne joked. “We all know this is one of the hardest conversations to have in the black community, but if we don’t have them how else will generational curses be broken??? Let’s Discuss.”

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