Chanel West Coast Says Nicki Minaj Tanked Her Deal w/ Young Money


Chanel West Coast has claimed that Nicki Minaj is the reason her deal with Young Money didn’t go through.

Chanel was careful not to go too hard on Nicki during her interview on Shirley’s Temple, but she says that despite support from Lil Wayne, Nicki was able to kill the deal.

“It didn’t work out because, basically, it was more because of certain people really not feeling me being part of the clique.” 

Nicki’s name was then mentioned.

 “Yeah, yeah, it was that. But I don’t really wanna talk about that because it’s really old. I’m really grateful that Wayne f*cked with me and gave me a co-sign and was like, be part of my clique, but yeah, I can’t control what happened. So many different politics that people don’t know behind the scenes.”


Nicki has been repeatedly accused of trying to ruin other female rapper’s careers. Nicki has not responded to Chanel’s recent interview.

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