Chance The Rapper Responds To Manager’s $3 Million Lawsuit


Chance the Rapper has responded to a lawsuit filed by his former manager, who is seeking upwards of $3 million from the star.

Pat Corcoran says he is owed the millions after being sacked by his Chance in April. Corcoran is also seeking to enforce an industry-standard sunset clause to continue to get commissions for three more years.

Chance’s team says he has been paid everything he is owed.


“Mr Corcoran has filed a suit for allegedly unpaid commissions”, his attorneys said in a statement. “In fact, Mr Corcoran has been paid all of the commissions to which he is legally entitled”.

They added: “Most of the complaint consists of self-serving and fabricated allegations that are wholly unrelated to Mr Corcoran’s claim for commissions and were plainly included in a calculated attempt to seek attention. Those allegations are wholly without merit, are grossly offensive and we will respond to them within the context of the litigation”.

A judge will ultimately decide on whether the Chicago rapper owes his former manager any more coins or not.

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