Cassidy Drops 3rd Tory Lanez Diss Track “Lullaby”


Cassidy has released his third diss track aimed at Tory Lanez, entitled “Lullaby.”

In this track, Cass spends time ripping apart Lanez’s appearance.

“That diss was cute, but you kept it short like your height yo, it’s aight tho/ Your hair look like it got botox and your face look like it got lipo..”

Earlier this month, Cassidy put out his “Plaigirism” diss track:

“Tory had to move from LA because they put hands on him/ Dog stole my bars on a big station/ Sitting next to Funkmaster Flex, acting like you’re catching rec, saying my bars like my fans can’t recollect/I’m a winner, remember I was living check to check/ Now I’m getting the type chicken the plug collect/ N*gga we ain’t neck and neck because Tory Lanez wack and when he got his chain snatched, it went from neck to neck”

Fans are starting to lose interest in Cassidy’s diss tracks and claim he’s doing it all for some attention.

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