Cash Money Rapper B.G. Asks Judge For Compassionate Release

Cash Money Record’s rapper B.G. has written a letter to a federal judge asking for compassionate release from prison.

The rapper would like to get back to his family and the music. He has already spent 10 years behind bars.

“My struggles were confessed to the world, my personal conflicts, my battle with drug addiction,” he writes in the letter.


He continued, “There are so many injustices that are subjects in today’s national debate that I’d like to weigh in on, contribute my voice and influence to help resolve. I intend to spend the remainder of my career atoning through my actions, for the missteps of my early years.” 

B.G. was sentenced to 14 years in 2012 in a federal prison after being found with weapons in his car during a traffic stop in New Orleans. The rapper was also hit with a charge for witness tampering for trying to persuade the other witnesses in the car to not admit to weapons charges. 

Even if the compassionate leave is not granted, he is scheduled to be released in 2024.


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