Casanova Says The Government Sent Him A Stimulus Check

Jailed rapper Casanova took to social media to reveal that he was sent a stimulus check from the government.

“I don’t know what the government is trying to do but I heard they sent a stimulus check to my house, so I sent that sh*t right back” Casanova tweeted. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… THANK YOU BUT NO THANK YOU. I DONT NEED YOUR MONEY AND I AIN’T ADDING NO CHARGES TO MY INDICTMENT.”

Last week, Pretty Ricky rapper Baby Blue shared a post, warning his fans to steer clear of PPP loans. He’s currently facing a stretch behind bars for using the funds for personal use.

“I want to take a second to use my platform and tell all my followers and anyone that sees this… If anyone approaches you with an offer for a PPP Loan, simply tell them… NOTHANK YOU! Don’t even have the conversation. It’s not worth it. Walk away and keep your freedom. Ignorance is not a legal defense and when you’re standing in front of a judge & jury, you won’t be able to say “I didn’t know,” he said.


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