Cardi B’s ‘Worried She May Get Killed’ . . . After Criticizing Joe Biden & Other Powerful Men!!

Earlier this week, Russia invaded neighboring country The Ukraine, and it now looks like the United States may end up going to war over it.

Well last night, Cardi B spoke out about the possibility of war – and she had some harsh words for both President Joe Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The rap sensation took to Instagram Live first, and she explained why she had a problem with the United States position – and the rhetoric coming out of Joe Biden’s office.

But after a few minutes of her talking, Instagram appears to have MUTED Cardi B’s Live – and prevented her from saying anything further. Watch:

Then Cardi went to Twitter where she continued to discuss world issues and further explained that she’s not on NATO’s side or Russia’s side and admits she’s afraid she could get killed if she misspeaks about the ongoing Russian / Ukraine conflict.

Cardi started her discussion with this eerie prediction, “Sometimes I feel that since I have such a big platform, if I don’t say the right things – I might get killed.”


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