Cardi B’s Husband Offset Wears A DRESS To Fashion Week Event!! (WTF??)


The trend of Black men wearing dresses continues. MTO News has learned that last night Cardi B’s husband Offset was spotted walking the streets of Paris wearing a dress.

Offset was attending a fashion show with his wife Cardi, and chose to wear a dress, a traditionally female outfit. Now Cardi’s man is going viral across social media, with many praising him for his “daring” fashion choice. 

Here is a picture of him:

But not everyone is happy with Cardi’s man’s fashion choice.


Many African American scholars have criticized the way the media encourages and celebrates Black men wearing dresses. The scholars claim that by doing so, the media is  “encouraging” the feminization of Black men.

Those same scholars claim that the feminization of Black men can have ripple effects of the development of young black males, and the structure of the black family.

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