Cardi B’s Appears To Be Wearing ANKLE MONITOR: Has She Been INDICTED?? (Pics)


Cardi B is trending all across social media this morning, after she posted a video of herself dancing on Instagram yesterday. But eagle eyed fans noticed that Cardi appeared to be wearing an ankle monitor bracelet, MTO News has learned.

And many on social media are speculating that Cardi may have been secretly indicted for past criminal behavior.

Cardi has publicly confessed to literally dozens of crimes on social media, over the past few years. While it’s plausible that prosecutors may have brought charges against Cardi, it’s a pretty unlikely .

But the images clearly show something on Cardi’s ankle. And whatever it is, it sure looks like an ankle monitor.

Hopefully Cardi isn’t in any kind of legal trouble. She’s worked so hard over the past few years, and finally seems happy with her family.

Here’s the video that got people talking.

And here’s a close up on Cardi’s ankle:

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