Cardi B Unveils Her NEW FACE . . . Completely Unrecognizable After New Surgery!!

Cardi’s been vocal about her many cosmetic procedures — which included teeth veneers, liposuction and another breast augmentation after the 2019 birth of her daughter, Kulture.. She also admitted to getting cheek fillers, eye adjustments and a nose job.

Now she got another procedure, which MTO News is hearing – has made her look like a completely different person.

Here’s the new Cardi:

Cardi B opened up about just how insecure she is with her looks in an interview earlier this year for Interview magazine, MTO News confirmed. The 28-year-old “WAP” rapper discussed the beauty and body insecurities she faced growing up in the Bronx.

“I’m Trini and I’m Dominican, and there’s a lot of Dominicans that look a certain type of way. They have soft, pretty, curly hair,” Cardi explained. “Growing up, guys would ask me weird questions like, ‘If you’re Dominican, why is your hair so nappy?’ I used to dye my hair, and people used to be like, ‘Oh, your hair’s so crunchy.’ And it would make me feel so weird.”


It didn’t help that she was “really skinny,” Cardi added.

“In the Bronx, it’s about being thick and having an ass, so young boys would be like, ‘Look at your flat a*s. You ain’t got no ti**ies.’ And it would make me feel so ugly and undeveloped,” she recalled.

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