Cardi B Rocks Bizarre ‘Golden Nipple’ Outfit At Paris Fashion Week With Offset


Cardi B and her husband Offset are taking Paris Fashion Week by storm. Not only is the couple showing up to dozens of fashion shows – but they are choosing some pretty crazy outfits.

For example, on Thursday, Cardi and Offset were seen walking down a Paris street – and Cardi had on a bizarre outfit with “golden nipples.” Look:

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Then, the very next day, Offset and Cardi were seen walking out of a Balenciaga fashion show, with Cardi wearing a leather and spike outfit. Look:

This morning, Cardi and Offset were seen looking quasi-normal, as they went out for a quiet early breakfast:

Are they on a fashion level that we just can’t understand yet (art) or are these two out here in the Paris streets looking the damn fool????

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