Cardi B & Normani BEEF!! Cardi Wants To Be OFF New Song WILD SIDE!!

Cardi B and R&B singer Normani launched their new song Wild Side two weeks ago. And while it initially got a lot of buzz, the buzz quickly died down and the song is starting to look like flop.

Well now it appears that Cardi no longer wants to be associated with the failing song, MTO News has learned.

Last night Cardi went on a Twitter rant where she blamed the “haters” for not supporting Wildside. According to Cardi, the song should have been a hit, but the “haters’ somehow sabotaged the release.

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Cardi then threw Normani under the bus. The Bodak Yellow rapper told fans that she will call up and force Normani to release a new version of the song – without Cardi’s vocals.

It seems like Cardi wants off the record, as it flops.


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