Cardi B FORCES Miami Nightclub To ‘Let Black Woman In’ . . . New Political Movement! (Vid)

Cardi B is speaking out, about the blatant racism that Black people face when trying to get into nightclubs – especially Black women.

Last night Cardi was scheduled to appear at 11 Miami, one of the city’s most popular strip clubs. The club has a reputation of flat out refusing to allow in dark skinned Black women.

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So before Cardi B went inside to perform, she made a political stance outside. It was almost a civil rights style protest, MTO News confirmed.

Cardi told the club bouncers that she will only go inside AFTER they allow all the Black women waiting outside on the line in.

The bouncers were shocked at first. Then they did what they had to, and in the Black women who were on line waiting.

Here’s video of Cardi pulling her political move. MTO News learned that many are saying this could be the start of a new political movement.

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