Cardi B Defends Offset Amidst Birkin Drama

Cardi B has her husband Offet’s back again, this time defending him against people who dragged him for his post about Birkin bags.

“This man has posted ten plus times about voting but the one time he talks about a bag it’s what makes ya go into a frenzy and In deep conversations. I spoke too many times about voting and ya call me ‘dumb” or shut up and stay out politics’ When we go on live and talk about society you will see the views go down real fast,” she wrote.

Cardi continued, “I don’t understand why people be fronting like ya be interested in something and want too see ‘more celebrities’ invested on social issues but what YAAA MAKE TREND is drama and what buying what and who is getting what ? So who is at fault the celebs or the public ?”

Ya’ll agree?

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