Cardi B BLASTS Lil Nas X: I’m Not A Satanist Like Him … ‘I Don’t Play w/ God’!!

Cardi B is distancing herself from rapper Lil Nas X, after he came out as a Satanist in his new song Montero. MTO News confirmed that Cardi took to Twitter yesterday to tell her fans that – unlike Lil Nas X – she is NOT a Satanist.

Cardi explained that her “sexual confidence” that she exudes in her music videos should not be confused with any form of Satanist or anti-Christian ideology.

Cardi added that she “Has a very strong faith in God and [she] don’t play with him.”


This isn’t the first time that Cardi B has been linked to a Satanist group.

In 2019, she posted a funny tweet about “d*ck: being the devil. The tweet was quickly picked up and endorsed by the Church of Satan.


Pushed for further answers on whether they “worship Satan’s penis/dick”, the Church of Satan explained: “Satanism is a religion that recognises and embraces humanity’s carnal nature, so d*cks, p*ssies, b**bs, a**es, etc. are often held in high regard. We see Satan as a metaphor for best selves, so speaking in that context, sure.”

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