Cam’ron: ‘Y’all Gonna Apologize Or Nah?’

Dipset rapper says he’s owed an apology for trying to warn people about Karen Civil years ago.

“Y’all gonna apologize or nah?! I figured y’all wouldn’t ‍♂️,” he wrote on Instagram.

“For those that don’t understand, I told people Karin civil been robbing people, they said I was lying. Now she just lost a court case to another female, now they say Karin is foul. When I said it…I was hating.. she also robbed Joyner Lucas for the same exact amount she did my guy @darealdukedagod 60k.. what a co-winky-dink” he ended the post.

In 2016, Cam’ron wrote: “I haven’t went in on Karen ever and been proud of what she’s accomplished.. Even if she’s lied and stole to get there.. But u not gonna put me in ya bullsh*t.”

“This story Karen is telling is just another one of her lies.. she stole 60k from my cousin @darealdukedagod (and we still have all the bank statements if u wanna Pursue this KAREN) and has yet to pay him back,” he continued. “And it’s my money as well cause it was from my company.. I don’t want or need ya money.. But u should have payed duke back by now.. But since u wanna lie.. I’ll pull everything out.. And put u on blast!! Stop lying and stealing..”


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