Camille Grammer Says She Heard Erika Jayne Rumors From A ‘Housewife’ In 2019

Former RHOBH star Camille Grammer isn’t shocked about Erika Jayne’s legal scandal because she says she heard the rumors two years ago.

A fan asked Camille on Twitter if she has had heard “of the Tom and Erika rumors,” the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

 “Yes. One of the housewives mentioned it at Andy [Cohen] ‘s baby shower,” she replied. The baby shower was in 2019. There were a lot of Housewives at the baby shower from all of the shows.


Last week, a video surfaced of her boasting about her lavish life at a Ted Talk event.

“I was cast in a reality TV show. Overnight, I took “Erika Jayne” from nightclubs into people’s living rooms, and they ate it up. Because TV land is really into like sparkly over-the-top characters and I was nailing it,” she said per Radar Online.

She continued, “But what happened that I did not expect, is people thought this Erika Jayne character was totally and completely me. This art project that I created in order to get back to what I loved the most – performing — was all I was ever allowed to be. It’s the greatest bamboozlement I’ve ever accomplished because Erika Jayne merely erased Erika Girardi.”

Erika Jayne and her estranged husband Tom Girardi have been accused of stealing millions from his clients. 

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