California Man GUNNED DOWN While He Was On Instagram Live!! (Shot 16 Times)

An Inglewood California man has been shot dead while in the middle of recording an Instagram Live video, MTO News has learned. And the video has been going viral across social media.

MTO News learned that the victim went by the name Of I dian Red Boy and was a well known Blood from Inglewood California. One day before his shooting, Kapone went on Instagram Live and posted a video of him dancing, and throwing up gang signs. MTO News learned that the signs that he was throwing up in the video were “disrespectful” of other gang sets in Los Angeles.


And the very next day, Indian Red Boy went on Instagram Live to explain why he made those allegedly offending hang signs. And during the Live, he was assassinated. MTO News learned that Indian Red Boy was shot 16 times as he sat in his parked car while recording a video.

The man whom he was talking to on IG is accused of disrespecting a mural of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Here’s video showing his final moments.

Viewer discretion is advised:

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