Cali Drill Rappers Use ‘Dead Opps’ Funeral Pic For Mixtape Cover Art . . . This Is Going TOO FAR!

The trend of drill rappers disrespecting their dead opps is going WAY too far. 

In Vallejo, California a drill rapper named M0 Bandz just did the unthinkable – he released a new single and for the cover art, he used a photograph on one of his dead opps in a casket, MTO News confirmed.

And he didn’t just leak the pic. When he dropped the track, he posted the cover art on Instagram and tagged the deceased man’s mother and a few of his closest friends.

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In addition to the photo, M0 Bandz left a very disrespectful caption – which appeared to be aimed at the deceased man’s friends.

For those interested in the track – it’s very dark. It starts out with a man demonically laughing and the lyrics are very violent:

MTO News reached out to the Vallejo police department for comment on the drill rappers in their town, and the potential violence that the music may be inciting. So far we have not received a response.

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