Busta Rhymes Goes On Anti-Mask Rant: F*ck Your Mask!!

At a recent concert, Busta Rhymes went on an anti-mask rant — telling concertgoers not to wear them.

Masks have been important to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

“They try to take our civil liberties away. It feels good to be back outside. We outside for real. It’s called the god given right of freedom, right? No human being supposed to tell you you can’t just breathe freely,” Busta says into the mic.

He continued, “F*ck your mask. Some of y’all might feel differently, but f*ck your mask. I can’t rhyme with a mask on, we can’t eat food with a f* ckin’ mask on, we can’t even see each other’s smiles with a mask on. I come from a time when before I used to even wanna holler at a chick, I’d have to do sh*t with my face to let her know I was into her. All of that energy gets blocked when your mask is on.

“Energy is important, and we are all conductors of good energy. We also gotta be clear when a muthaf*cka tryin’ to give you bad energy. You can tell from only the expression on they face. I wanna see the face. F*ck they mask!”

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