Bugs Allegedly Found In Batch Of Lisa Vanderpump’s Wine!!


Bugs have reportedly been found in at least one batch of Lisa Vanderpump’s wine.

A source spoke to Page Six, and said the bugs were discovered in a 2018 batch of her Rosé. The bugs appear to be earwigs in the contaminated bottles and the batch arrived at a Las Vegas liquor store.


None of the bottles had been sold to the public.

“I recommend everyone thoroughly inspect any bottle of Vanderpump Rosé before purchasing and consuming them,” a source told them, adding that they think the bottling facility was to blame.

“This is the first we are learning of it,” Palm Bay International said. “We stand behind the quality and integrity of the wines in our portfolio and require rigorous standards at the production and bottling facilities that we work with.”

The wine distributor continued, “We’d welcome the chance to connect directly with the individual who encountered this issue, as in five years of selling this product we have never received any retailer or customer complaints of this nature. Thank you!”

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