Brooklyn Woman Accuses Rapper Fivio Foreign Of ‘Attempt R*pe’; Twitter Reacts!!

A Brooklyn woman has taken to social media, claiming that she felt uncomfortable during a recent experience with rapper Fivio Foreign, and calling the incident an “attempt rape.”

The Brooklyn woman went on social media last night, to talk about meeting up at a  party with the popular New York rapper.

According to the woman, she and Fivio went to a room by themselves and started kissing and touching. Then, MTO News learned, the woman became uncomfortable with how things were going.


According to the woman, she told the rapper to stop, and he “didn’t get off of [her].” Then the woman claims that Fivio did the unthinkable. She claims that she told Fivio to stop, because what was happening to the woman, “feels like r*pe.”

The woman claims that in response to her pleas, Fivio told her “b*tch I’ll dead r*pe you.”

Fivio’s friend later claims that Fivio was only joking when he made the comment.

Unfortunately for the young woman, the Twitter jury is still out on this one. While Fivio’s friend admits that the crude remark was made, many on social media are reluctant to believe the woman – and think she may be clout chasing and/or lying.

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