Brooklyn Man SHOT DEAD On Busy Street By ‘Babyface Killer’: NYC In CHAOS! (Vid)

The city of New York is slowly descending into some of the worst cases of violence residents there have not seen in decades, MTO News has learned.

The NYC police recently released surveillance showing the terrifying moment a young teenage killer assassinated a cyclist in broad daylight!  

Pierrot Simeon, 21, was shot dead Wednesday afternoon as he pulled up on a CitiBike outside a bodega on East 53rd Street in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The baby-faced assassin was caught on camera talking on his phone outside the store before suddenly pulling out a gun and shooting Pierrot at point blank range, killing him instantly.

Shootings in New York have surged 29 percent so far this year compared to the same period last year. The city’s new mayor, Eric Adams, plans to do something about it though – he warned this week that ‘no one is going to come back’ to New York City if the crime wave continues on the same trend. 

In the video, the suspect is seen casually putting his phone back in his pocket and stepping toward the cyclist, who is off camera. 

He then whips out a gun from a fanny pack around his shoulder and shoots Simeon multiple times as he backs away from the entrance of the store. 


At one point, a person walking out pushes the shooter away before he ran off.

Simeon collapses on the sidewalk and drags his CitiBike down with him. 

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