Brooklyn Man ATTACKS High School Girl On City Bus – Says She Was ‘Disrespectful!! (Video)

A Brooklyn man attacked a 15 year old girl on a city bus, after the man claims that the girl was “disrespectful” towards him. One of the teenage girl’s friends recorded the video, and posted the video on Instagram, MTO News confirmed.

The video starts with the Brooklyn man – clearly an adult – sitting next to the teen girl. The man appeared to be in an aggressive stance, as he spoke to the child.

Then, out of nowhere, the man started brutally punching the child, MTO News observed.

Luckily for the girl, good samaritans on the bus quickly intervened, and pulled the angry man off of her. The concerned citizens forced the man out of the bus – and away from the battered child.

According to social media reports, the police were called – but the violent man fled before police arrived.

It’s not clear whether prosecutors plan on charging him with a crime.


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