‘Brooklyn Love’ Goes Viral: Woman STABS Her Man . . . 2 Hrs Later FIGHTS For His Love!!

There’s a viral TikTok video going around social media, which shows a woman stabbing her boyfriend. Then just two hours later, the two made up . . . and the woman was seen fighting ON HIS BEHALF.

It’s a crazy video that’s making the rounds on Tiktik. And many young people in the comments are calling this toxic relationship “Brooklyn Love” and “Couple Goals.”

In the first part of the Toktok video, the couple can be seen arguing inside the hallways of a notorious Brooklyn public housing project, MTO News confirmed.

The woman gets angry, and pulls a knife – and began stabbing her man in the back and in the shoulders.

Luckily the boyfriend wasn’t seriously injured.

Then, just two hours later, the couple not only made up . . . but the woman was fighting another woman, whom she claimed “slighted” her husband.

The video is now circulating across social media with the hashtag “couple goals.”

MTO News reached out to the NYPD, domestic violence unit – and asked for comment on the “Brooklyn Love” video. So far we have not received a response.


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