Brooke Bailey Calls Out Designer Michael Costello: He Called A Black Woman The N-Word!!

While Project Runway designer Michael Costello has been accusing Chrissy Teigen of bullying him until he wanted to kill himself, Brooke Bailey rehashed a video of him calling a Black woman the n-word.

“There is a video of him calling a black female designer the N word. It was all over the internet a few years back. I know her and I saw the video myself. So now he’s paying the price ‍♀️ I’m not sure if this is the incident or if this is about something else. So …” she wrote.

Another wrote. “I mean I’ve heard Michael Costello use to not let certain stylist pull for their black celebrity clients unless they were A list , but wishing death on someone is wrong .”

Another commentor added, “Micheal Costello is no saint himself, there was a lot of truth in that story and he was stealing designs from Black designers. He might’ve not said the n word but he said tons of other vile things to Black women. Chrissy isn’t the only one who needs.”

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