Britney Spears Won’t Be Charged In Housekeeper Battery Case

Britney Spears will not be charged with the battery of her housekeeper after cops say they found insufficient evidence to move forward.

According to TMZ, the prosecutors decided not to file any criminal charges against Britney for misdemeanor battery “based on insufficient evidence that a crime had occurred and the lack of injury to the housekeeper or significant damage to the phone.”

Britney and the housekeeper got into an argument after the housekeeper tried to take the dogs home — she says they were malnutritioned.

The pop singer’s attorney, Matthew Rosengart, told Radar Online that the alleged incident was “nothing more than sensationalized-tabloid fodder.”

“A manufactured and overblown ‘he said, she said’ regarding alleged damage to a cell phone protector, with no striking and obviously no injurie. If this involved Jane Doe rather than Britney Spears it would not have been pursued or covered at all.”

He continued, “Sadly, it is apparent that some have learned nothing from the past, and we sincerely hope the media and others will be more respectful of Ms. Spears in the future.”

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