Britney Spears Reveals Why She Put Justin Timberlake On Blast

Britney Spears has shared why she went off on Justin Timberlake last week.

“I’m writing a book at the moment and as it’s actually healing and therapeutic…it’s also hard bringing up past events in my life…I’ve never been able to express openly!!” Britney wrote. “I can only imagine that I do sound childish but I was extremely young when those events took place…and addressing it now…I’m sure it sounds irrelevant to most and I’m completely aware of that !!!”

Justin did apologize for what he did to Britney years ago (accusing her of cheating) while promoting his album.

“Although he was never bullied or threatened by his family…he took the opportunity to apologize 20 years later !!! Timing is EVERYTHING !!! Good timing is the BITCH !!! Anyway….I just wanted to let people KNOW I CARE !!! AND I’M SO SORRY,” she said.

Britney has been spilling so much tea, will there be any left for the book?

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