Britney Spears’ Former Dancer Says Her Brother Was Controlling Her

A former dancer of Britney Spears says her brother Bryan Spears used to control who was allowed around his sister during her 2004 trial.

Anthony Garza claimed Bryan used to cancel her plans with friends so that she would be “home alone” with nothing to do between concerts.

“We were told from the beginning that everyone would be drug tested and to keep [our] communication minimal with Britney,” Garza wrote. “They told us ‘If Britney asks if you have plans… you don’t.’ ‘If Britney asks you to go somewhere …you can’t.'”

He said on one date in New York City, “Britney’s brother told us plans were canceled and Britney would be spending the evening with family, and that if Britney called don’t answer,” he claimed. “We didn’t go and we didn’t answer and Britney sat home alone.”

Britney has blasted her family dad Jamie Spears, her sister and her mother on social media. Her fans will now probably turn on her brother.


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