Britney Spears Drags Jamie Lynn Spears Over TV Interview: She Wants To Sell Books At My Expense!!

Britney Spears has responded to her sister Jamie Lynn Spears’ interview.

Britney accused Jamie of using her to try and sell her upcoming book.

Britney said she “got really sick last night” with a fever of 104 degrees. She said she asked security to go and get her some pain medication to treat a headache but was told that security couldn’t leave the property.

“I watched it with a 104° fever lol and it was actually kind of nice having a fever so high cause I had to surrender to not caring,” she said of the interview. “I just couldn’t give a f*ck but my head hurt so bad.”

“She was never around me much 15 years ago at that time …. so why are they even talking about that unless she wants to sell a book at my expense ??? REALLY ???” she continued.

“I know it may sound like a silly thing to most people but I wrote a lot of my songs and my sister was a baby. She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her !!!!,” the singer explained. “If you were me, you might understand asking for 13 years for remixes to go into a small venue show and on tours !!!!”

She added: “13 years later they assign me as the MOTHER OF ALL … heart of gold … Britney sitting there seeing a 15 minute performance of everything I have ever wanted…. But see, I always was the bigger person. They all got to DO IT and PLAY ME and I always sat there and took it.”


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