Britney Spears Celebrates Getting Her First iPad

Britney Spears revealed that she now owns an iPad for the first time ever.

OK, guys, great news. I got my first iPad today. I am so excited,” she says in the video uploaded on Instagram.

She revealed that both of her sons “have owned one” but that she has never had one herself.

“This is just a groundbreaking day. I’ve always had a little phone, but now this iPad is in my hands, and I feel like my life is changing as we speak, and I am so excited. Upward bound, yes!” she says, seeming to imply that she was not allowed one in the past because of her conservatorship.

“My life does seem different with an iPad … I’ve never had one before !!!! Pssss I was proud of my new shoes at the end … I had to recreate the scene from Bridesmaids !!!!” she wrote in the post’s caption.

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