British Rapper Says She Turned Down Deal After Label Wanted Her To Diss Nicki Minaj

British rapper Lady Leshurr is claiming that she turned down a huge deal with a major label because they wanted her to diss Nicki Minaj.

“I’ve always gone with how I feel here. There’s only one time I didn’t go with what was in my belly and it didn’t go well at all. It was really, really disastrous, so I’ve learned from my mistakes. It’s all about integrity. Don’t just take things bcause it looks good right now. What is it gonna look like in five years to come? Ten years to come? I felt specific deals that was offered to me, they would have fizzled out within two years,” she said on the Thanks A Million podcast.


“The first offer, massive, incredible amounts of money. I’ve never seen money like that, £250,000. Offered a record label deal with Atlantic who just kept trying to persuade me to do a diss track to Nicki Minaj,” she explained. “I didn’t know Nicki Minaj then, like personally, we never spoke or anything like that. I knew of her come up, I’ve seen her journey, and I just thought she was amazing.”

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